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 The activities of the association in this period will focus in the collection of funds to continue developing our project in Cameroon.

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Laggiungla NGO is a non-profit, nonpartisan and nonsectarian association. It intends to pursue exclusively charitable purposes, with particular reference to groups of people in rural areas of developing countries.

The association was born from the desire of some people that for reasons of professional competence, individual sensitivity or interest in social, intend to cooperate in certain areas of development.

Specifically, the association plans to focus its intervention in the planning and sustainable management of programs designed for the introduction of beekeeping in areas where it is not practiced while having a good potential as well as the rationalization of that activity in contexts where it is practiced with methods that can be easily improved, providing technical and operational support and leaving a door open to experimentation to improve the effectiveness of interventions depending on the context to which they refer.

This activity will be associated with a greater awareness of and promote respect of specific ecosystems of the realities involved (eg. Protection of forest areas, biodiversity, recognition and protection of local cultures ….), as well as encourage the development of a network of relationships to facilitate self-sufficiency projects.

Laggiungla NPO will also collaborate with other organizations (associations, NGOs, etc. ..) that share our ideas and that could complement projects with parallel activities.

The projects are aimed initially at small rural contexts with which we look for a cooperation with regard to both natural and socio-cultural environment.

Through training support, technical and practical, as well as through the empowerment of the beneficiaries of the projects, the action of the association interventions wish to achieve the following objectives:

– Get with the activity of beekeeping a nutrition rich, healthy and reproducible as honey (easy storablefood) in areas where there are often seriously deficient diets or eating problems, especially for children.

– To actively involve beneficiaries, particularly young people, creating an opportunity for reassessment of their territory and thus motivating the active protection of ecosystems and natural resources.

– Encourage the creation of small economic circuits that allows beneficiaries to emancipate from the  intervention of the Association

– To promote and spread the idea of cooperation and solidarity for rural development.

For further information or suggestions please contact us!