Laggiungla Onlus

Cooperation, agronomy and tropical beekeeping

Laggiungla Onlus is a non-party non-profit association that aims to pursue social solidarity goals with particular reference to rural communities in developing countries.

The projects are initially aimed at small rural realities with which we want to create a sustainable cooperation both as regards the natural and the socio-cultural context.

Specifically, the association concentrates its activities in:

designing and managing programs for the improvement and introduction of beekeeping in areas where it is not yet practiced despite having good potential or is practiced with methods that can be improved especially with respect to the environment. It offers training, technical and practical support, actively involving project beneficiaries and leaving an open door to experimentation to improve the effectiveness of interventions according to the context to which they refer.

professional trainings for the creation of income generating activities in the field of beekeeping and sustainable use of local resources.

creation, through these activities, of opportunities for the revaluation of the territory and thus motivating the active safeguarding of ecosystems and natural resources.

dynamising the honey and other beekeeping products sector in order to bring nutritional improvement to the beneficiaries of the projects.

encourage the creation of small economic circuits that allow the emancipation from the informal sector and an improvement in the standard of living of the beneficiaries.

The goal is to obtain valuable nourishment, such as honey, in areas where food resources are often lacking, especially for children, and create opportunities for economic independence where those are scarce or non-existent, for example in refugee communities.

In the intervention areas cross-cutting issues such as food security, health, gender equality and the defense of vulnerable groups will be integrated in our projects.

The activity of the association is complemented by work to raise awareness and promote respect for the ecosystems of the entities involved (eg safeguarding forest areas, biodiversity, recognition and protection of local cultures …), as well as promoting a network of relationships to facilitate the self-sufficiency of the projects;

In a more general framework, Lggiungla Onlus also deals with the defense of natural resources present in the intervention areas and the fight against their unsustainable exploitation, including the protection of endangered animal and plant species.

Our projects are open to collaboration with other organizations (associations, local authorities, NGOs, etc.) that share their spirit and can integrate them with parallel and complementary activities.

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