News sul seminario di collaborazione con il villaggio di Bova


We have held meetings at the village level to see about the project…

At the moment, Bova is a village some 4 kilometers fronm the town of Buea with some 950 to 1000 people. The village is headed by 2 chiefs. It is also at the centre of about 10 villages i.e Bonakanda, Boteva, Bokova, Ewonda, Bokawai, BWETAVA, Bonjoku,Koke, Liongo and Ekona Lelu.

WHY THIS PROJECT IS IMPORTANT TO Bova and surrounding villages.
/  There has been massive deforestation of the natural forest for fire wood, farming, timbers and the unsustainable debarking of some medicinal plants which led to the killing of over 12000 trees on mount Cameroon forest from 1977 to 1996.
/  There is wide spread of diseases to infants caused by malnutrition and food poisoning, the situation becomes worse in the dry season when there is no water in Bova and surropunding villages.
/   Many trees with natural cavity hives were cut down by hunters to harvest honey in the wild, this has caused a reduction of bee colonies and honey in the area.

.Deforestation of  medicinal plants like PRONUS AFRICA, KIGALIA AFRICANA, and others have caused a mmajor increase in temperatures in parts of mount Cameroon.

/   The cutting down of giant trees like CIEBA PANTANDRA and others have led to great soil erosion and thus soil fertility is losing. This is also making animals in mount Cameroon to go very far away from the villages/

/   My goal is to protect the existing forest, by teaching the communities the importance of forest and trees and modern techniques on farming…

/   To reafforestate the exhausted forest on the communities…
/   To introduce into the villages Fruit trees planting that would supplement the nutrition of families and also generate income to families through the sales of surplus fruits…

/   To preserve the unique cultures of the people of Mount Cameroon through the preservation and planting of plants that produce cultural material. E.g Raffia Palms, Palm trees, Tree ferns e.t.c…..

/   To encourage the cultivation and domestication of Bees/honey by introducing modern techniques and equipment in Bee keeping.

1   During the Seminar, some 1000 tree would be planted in Bova . At the end of the Seminar Some Nurseries would be raised and in the months ahead some 24,000 tress would be planted in the mount Cameroon villages…

2   At the end of the Seminar participants would be able to manage small nurseries and be able to plant fruit trees in their gardens and compounds.

3   At the end of the Seminar participants should be able to demonstrate modern techniques on bee keeping and posses at least a hive…

4   At the end of the Seminar participants should be able to know about a balanced diet and therefore practise to feed their families in the proper ways.

5   At the end of the Seminar participants should be able to know the dangers of enviromental hazards and should be ready to fight against these hazards.

6   At the end of the training participants should be able to hold meetings with their village councils about the enviroment, food and nutrition, cultural revival etc…

In the future we would like to encourage the planting of more trees across Mount Cameroon, we would like to creat a unique Apiary dedicated to lagguingla

We would like to encourage farmers to carry out animal husbandary like the introduction of Cane rat rearing, rabbits, pigs etc. This would also help in the balancing of food and diet across the communities of Mount Cameroon.

After you have sent us the partnership form, I will give you more information as regards place of seminar, time and much more………..

Accept our Regards from Mount Cameroon……..